About Me

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My name is Nick Giampietro. I am a Portland-based software engineer and team lead, working in the embedded systems field. This is my homepage and online portfolio. There is some off-topic content as well, to demonstrate that I'm not a robot.

If you want to see technical skills, check out my résumé below.

Through a disciplined approach to development, thorough and clear documentation (and a humble, lighthearted attitude) I lead my team by example, to excel in our endeavours.

I am most at home in a workplace that zealously empowers innovative thinking, and builds a strong sense of community within their team. In my own leadership this is what I work to foster.

Check out my GitHub profile, which contains some repositories of interest such as PersonalLibrary (Java) and PersonalLibraryCPP (C++).

Career At A Glance

Quick summary of my career in four snippets.

Cognex Corporation

Senior Software Engineer

World's largest industrial machine vision company. I work in the Portland office with engineers around the world, to make cameras that go fast.

Portland State University MCECS


M.S. Computer Science
Software Engineering

I take pride in having a broad range of tools in my belt, with which to create software tools for the real world.


Software Engineering Intern

Vprime is a market leader in the field of video testing equipment. I worked on embedded test equipment related to HDMI, DisplayPort, using related industry standards.

Oregon University System

Student Intern

Now dismantled, I worked at OUS's Engineering & Technology Industry Council (ETIC) to share engineering majors and professions with students, and disseminate engineering-related pedagogy to Oregon K–12 teachers.

In Conclusion...

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