I am a professional software engineer with a background in embedded systems, and a focus on computer vision, graphics, and image processing, including deep learning based techniques. I also like to play around with random things from time to time.

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Check out my LinkedIn, résumé, and GitHub now. Or, see below a listing of some of my projects.

Professional Background

Company Dates Description Image
Adobe Inc. 2022-Now Optimizing Photoshop and Lightroom algorithms for the web using WebAssembly and WebGPU technologies Adobe_Photoshop_Express_logo.svg
Digimarc Corporation 2021-2022 Improving performance and robustness of Digimarc's invisible-barcode detection systems cilantro-lime-close-up-demo-page
Cognex Corporation 2014-2020 System software for industrial automation cameras VC200
VPrime, LLC 2012-2014 Embedded system software & test software for various industry standards vpg-2100
Name/Link Description
jnickg-stereo Stereoscopic rectification using multi-pose image sets from a single camera
dungen-core Open-source dungeon generating algorithm SDK & Angular website
turbidpi Open-source Raspberry-pi based ocean turbidity-sensing project. Collaboration with the Marine Hatfield Science Center at OSU
fma Fixed Martial Arts. Open-source C++ template-based fixed-point library, providing compile-time support for fixed-point arithmetic and type protection, without runtime overhead. Implemented while I worked at Digimarc